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A recent survey we conducted showed us that one of the key methods landlords use to learn is through video. To this end, we thought we would share 10 of our favorite real estate and investing Youtube channels. These cover pretty much every aspect of real estate investing and various wealth-building strategies.

Check out our top 10 Real Estate and Investing Podcasts

We’ve organized them starting with the most popular channel:

#1 Grant Cardone - 1.1M subscribers

It will probably not surprise you that Grant Cardone tops the list. The self-made billionaire is a prolific author and entrepreneur. He is currently CEO of seven privately held companies and founded and manages Cardone Capital his Real Estate Investment fund which currently has around $1 Billion of assets. 

When you’re doing your research into real estate he is a hard personality not to follow as his online and social media presence reflects his business history.


#2 Graham Stephens - 889k subscribers.

Despite his young age of 28, he has been in the real estate game for a decade now. He started working in real estate shortly after his 18th birthday.

With 10 years' experience behind him, he’s got plenty of wisdom to share in his funny, and informative videos.

You’ll also get a dosage of his car enthusiasm which is a bonus for fellow petrol heads.

#3 Bigger Pockets - 361k subscribers

Another one that is unlikely to surprise you. Bigger pockets have a growing and influential real estate presence offering all the resources and tools that a landlord might need to succeed. On top of this, their website forum space is an immensely popular and great place for people to share their wisdom.

#4 Tom Ferry - 310k subscribers

Tom Ferry enthusiastically delivers his subscribers with new strategies, ideas and motivational videos that will help you succeed not just in your real estate goals but your business and life. 

#5 Phil Pustejovsky - 265k subscribers

The enormous popularity of this youtube channel is likely due to Phil's enthusiasm, and his ability to make complicated concepts easy to understand. The videos are al informative and structured to give actionable advice.

#6 Max Maxwell - 132k subscribers

Max Maxwell’s channel features specific how-to videos regarding real estate, wholesaling real estate, and marketing yourself in general. A serial entrepreneur and real estate investor himself, Max applies his knowledge and wealth of experience to outline and explore how you too can succeed. 


#7 Kevin Ward - 74k subscribers

Author of the "The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide." and keynote speaker. Kevin’s videos are3 motivational and actionable aimed at helping you overcome the challenges that every entrepreneur faces in their efforts to achieve their goals.

#8 Flipping Mastery TV - 31k subscribers

As the name suggests the channel Flipping Mastery by Joe Norton focuses on the niche of house flipping. With over 400 videos on his channel, he is constantly finding new ways to impart his detailed knowledge on the specifics of house flipping. 

#9 Joe Crump - 30k subscribers

Joe Crump's channel has been going for years. He looks at and focuses on various financing options and gives analysis on scenarios to best drive home his points. 


#10 Seth Williams AKA RETipster - 20k subscribers

REtipster is a real estate investing blog that focuses on providing real-world guidance for real estate investors. The blog and videos on this channel focus on issues relevant to land investors, rental property owners, wholesalers and the real estate investing community at large. 

Well, there's our list for Youtube channels that offer great real estate and investing advice and entrepreneurial tips. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Have we missed any of your favorites here?  

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