Add Lease - [Knowledge Base]

If you haven’t turned on the HMO / Multiunit toggle skip to step 3.

If you have turned on the HMO / Multi unit property toggle, you will need to first add your units.

Step 1. Click ‘Add Unit’ and name it

Step 2. Select your new unit.

Add Lease to Landlord Studio App 1

Step 3. A large green arrow should highlight the ‘Add Lease’ button.

Add Lease to Landlord Studio App 2

Step 4. Add in the details of the lease to the form.

Add Lease to Landlord Studio App 3

Important Note: Beginning date and rent frequency must be entered. Selecting monthly will automatically set your rent collection date as the first. You can edit this any time.

Step 5. Hit save.

This will take you back to your property dashboard which will now display the rent due, and the date the rent is due.

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