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Firstly add a new property and make sure Multiunit/HMO is selected. This is your "Main Building". You can add individual units/rooms to that Main Building by selecting that property and then tapping on the "Add Unit" box. Each unit/room can have its own lease, expenses, and tenants added to it. You can also add common expenses to the Main Building.

When you select a property, we automatically pick the current lease as the one that we display. If you wish to see details of a previous lease, such as its payment history, or tenant details, just scroll down to the lease table and tap on any other lease. The page will refresh and show you all the details associated with this lease.

Tap on Properties on the left hand menu and then select the property you want to delete. The property page will open, tap on "Edit Property". From the new screen, you will be able to delete the property. Note that deleting the property will remove all payment history, leases, expenses and tenants. This cannot be undone.

If your tenant has moved out and you have new tenants to move in, you need to put your property into an untenanted state by setting the End Date of the lease (you can modify the lease by tapping the "Edit Lease" button).

Every month we release new and improved features to Landlord Studio. Each time you request a feature, we add it to our to-do list. Features are prioritised based on how popular it is. Please join our Facebook community group HERE and vote on our feature request board. 

Our servers are located in Microsoft Azure's data centers. Landlord Studio uses the 'East US 2' region.

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